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Getting Your Living Room Ready for Christmas

20 Nov 2014, 4:31 PM

Getting Your Living Room Ready For Christmas

It can sometimes be difficult to get your living room looking exactly how you want it at Christmas. Getting all the decorations in plus having enough space to feel comfortable and fit all the family in can be a tricky equation to solve. At The Complete Blind Service we have come up with some ideas to help you get your living room ready for Christmas.

Getting The Tree Right

At Christmas the living room should be the ultimate relaxation room. Getting the lighting right is a crucial aspect to making the room feel cosy. If you have a coffee table why not decorate with some Christmas themed candles. Having blinds in the living room is a great way of dictating how much light you let in, vertical blinds are very adept at doing this.

Dressing Up The Furniture

Whether you get a real Christmas tree or an
artificial one, the way you decorate it can
really bring your room to life;

When putting lights around the tree be sure to
weave them through the branches for better

Don't be afraid of having too many decorations,
if they are evenly spaced out they will look

If you don't like the base of your tree decorate
with presents or some sort of decorative cloth.

Small changes to your living room at Christmas can really help to give it a warm wintry feel. Hanging a Christmas reef over the mantelpiece or weaving holly around the room are great ways to help give your room an authentic feel. If you want to go further than this why not get some festive cushions or throws for your sofa, this could be an effective way to brighten up a room.

Throw your own take on the above ideas and your house will be festive in no time!

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