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Can I order samples?

Yes – we have a range of online books you can browse through as well as a large collection of sample books in our showroom. Please email requests to us on info@completeblindservice.co.uk providing the address you would like these posted to and we can arrange for them to be sent out. Samples usually take 3 – 5 working days.

We are looking for some new blinds, is your measure service free?

We provide a detailed measuring service. This is a no obligation visit and we do not expect any commitment on the day of your appointment. You can call the office between office hours or email to book in a measure appointment. We will carry out a full measure, showing samples and providing ideas as to what would suit your window. Once we have all your window dimensions and a brief of what you require we will email across your quotation.

Would you supply blinds on our own measurements?

We always recommend having a measure carried out. As confident as you may feel measuring for the blinds, there is always room for error. Our team of installers are trained to measure your blinds to your windows requirements. There may be an unusual aspect to your window which may mean extra items such as battens are required. If we have measured, we can make a note to ensure all blinds are installed to the highest standard. Equally if blinds are manufactured to your measurements and there is a size discrepancy it would be mean that to alter it may incur an extra cost. As this is a free service, we strongly recommend you book a time in.

How do I place an order?

To place an order, you can either call the office on 020 8531 3995 and pay with a credit or debit card. The only card we do not accept is AMEX. Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer. Our account details will be at the bottom left hand side of your quotation. When paying by BACS please use your CB0 quote number as your reference so that we can trace this back to your quote with ease. We check the bank daily but it's always best to confirm with us via email you have made a bacs transfer so we can allocate it quickly to process your order. We do not process orders without a deposit.

We have our own fabric, is this something we can use?

If you would like to source your own fabrics for curtains and Roman blinds this is no problem at all. If you provide us with details of the fabric we can advise you what fabric quantities, you would require. For roller blinds we do not recommend choosing a fabric outside the range we provide, as the requirements from the fabric within the manufacturing process is quite different. We are happy to provide more detail and discuss with you the choices available.


Do you charge for fitting?

We provide a comprehensive service which starts with the initial measure up to the final installation of all blinds. There is no extra charge for this. Our team of qualified blind and shutter installers carry out all the work for you, leaving you with brand new window blinds with none of the hassle.

How long will it take for my blinds to be installed?

This varies and is very much dependent on the number of blinds and types of blinds you choose. Most appointments are carried out with in 1 hour – 2-hour time slot, however, if we are installing shutters the time required may be longer.


What guarantee do I receive?

All blinds that we manufacture come with a 3-year guarantee. Shutters have different guarantees for the different materials. Real wood and MDF shutters have 5-year guarantee and PVC shutters have a 10- year guarantee.

What is covered under the guarantee?

If you have a look on our ‘blind aftercare guides’ on our website, each item will show you what is covered and how to care for your blinds.


Are your blinds fire retardant?

This would depend on the blinds that you choose. We have a special range of Curtain and Roman fabric which are inherently fire retardant, please always specify if this is something you require. There are some fabrics available on the roller and vertical ranges that are also fire retardant. We are happy to discuss this with you at length and show you samples of relevant fabrics.

I am thinking of changing my windows, can I still use the same blinds?

We can only ascertain this once we have measured your new windows. There could be a difference in size which would mean the blinds would not fit. If the windows are smaller we may be able to alter your blinds. If the windows are larger than new blinds would be required. We can discuss this with you on the day of your measure, however this will be chargeable.

Child Safety

Are your blinds child safe?

All our blinds adhere to the child safety set out by government guidelines. As we are members of the BBSA we continuously monitor and update our manufacturing of blinds to ensure that they will not cause danger, risk or injury.


You didn’t make our blinds, but we need our blinds repaired, is this something you can help with?

If your blinds are a system that we use, we can repair. If they are from other retailers such as Argos or IKEA we would not be able to repair as the way they manufacture the blinds are unique to them. For vertical blinds we can repair headrails, missing chains and weights and replace fabric. Roller Blinds we can replace side controls, change fabric and adjust torn or faded fabric. For Venetian blinds it would be depend on the nature of the repair required. Once we have seen the blinds fault we will be able to advise more accurately. If you are looking to seek costs for repairs it's always best to email us a picture of the blind in question with a detailed description, we can then email a quote or if there are a large number of blinds needing repairs we can book in a free visit to costs the repairs.

Our builders took our blinds down and we are missing brackets - can you supply new?

Yes - if they are our blinds then that shouldn't be a problem, if its a recent order just give us your CB0 reference and we will be able to track down your order and get replacements to you.

I have a wooden blind that the cords have snapped - can you help?

On most occasions yes, certain suppliers use different cords so sometimes we might not have the right gauge cord or ladder lace to carry out the repair,however if you want to pop the blind into our warehouse we can check the blind over and see if it is possible.


How do I book in a home visit?

You can either call the office on 0208 531 3995 or email us on info@completeblindservice.co.uk Our home visits are free with no obligation to go ahead or place a deposit. We will usually come back to the office and email over different options discussed on your appointment. We don’t have any sales people so the people who visits will most likely install. We have a team of 6 installers who also do our measures and home visits. No one is on commission so there is no hard sale technique just an honest and reliable service.

I’m not sure what style blind I need, can I book in an appointment?

We understand when looking at blinds, the sheer volume of choices available can be quite overwhelming. We are happy to discuss which options are best suited to your window design and discuss the blind choices which would work best. We will talk you through styles, designs and fabric choices to help make the process as easy as possible. The best way to do this is to book a free home quotation or pop into our showroom.

I work full time so its difficult to be at home 9 - 5 without taking a day off, can you help?

We offer appointments on evenings and Saturdays, so that you are able to organise a appointment without having to schedule time off work, save those days for a much needed holiday!

I’m not 100% sure what blinds we are looking for and have a tight budget, do you charge to measure?

Our measuring service is a no obligation appointment. We do not expect any commitment on the day. It is a useful meeting to help guide you through the world of blinds and hopefully make the process of choosing slightly easier. The initial meeting with the installers is not only to measure up, but to help you choose which type and style would work best for you. If you are on a tight budget, we recommend discussing this with your installer. They will be able to advise on what options are most cost effective while still looking stylish and sleek.

We want someone to come and measure, but we are in the middle of decorating and might do the blinds in phases, is this a problem?

When your installer visits, we recommend asking him to measure all rooms you are potentially installing new blinds or shutters in. If the decorating will not affect the windows (i.e. windows will not be changed) we can keep all measurements on file for you. If you will be working on a room by room basis, this means you can call up and place a order for each room without requiring a second visit.

If the work you will be carrying out will be for the windows, we would have to return to remeasure, as this could affect the size of the blind and ultimately the cost. We are happy to discuss with you if you require any further information.

Office Buildings/Contract Work

We have a large office block that needs repairs carrying out, Can you help with this?

Before booking a repair appointment we always suggest emailing a picture of the blinds with a brief description of the nature of repair which may be required. This will help us to ascertain:
a) The system your blind uses is one we work with.
b) If a repair can be carried out.

We will then book a appointment accordingly. We work with many large offices to maintain and manufacture new blinds.

We need blinds for our office but due to the set up its really busy so it would need to be out of hours fitting, is this something you can help with?

We understand that in a working office undertaking a blinds install can be quite disruptive. We do offer Saturdays and early morning installs. If there are a number of windows across multiple floors we may have to spread this over a number of days. We endeavor to work around your schedule as much as possible. We are happy to discuss this with you on the day of your measure.

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