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Eyelet Curtains

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Easily identified by circular holes in the header of the curtain that are threaded through a curtain pole to give a much like wave finish, Eyelet curtains lend a modern feel to any window dressing. There has been a recent increase in popularity for this style over recent years, hence why there are now more styles of eyelet curtains than ever before. Undulating curves transform into a neat back stack when fully opened, giving you a beautiful design feature when not in use. When opened, the curtains stack back neatly and straight and when closed the fabric hangs in a smooth, continuous wave effect much like a wave curtain finish.

Eyelet curtains have an range of coloured metal eyelet finishes, usually to match the style pole they are hung from. All eyelet curtains have to be suspended from a curtain pole, we can provide a range of wooden, metal, acrylic and painted finishes. Sheer and lined fabrics float softy holding their beautiful shape. You can however have blackout lined curtains in a eyelet header, however due to the weight of the fabric and lining you may have a looser wave at the bottom of the curtain. As well as Blackout Lined curtains we can also provide thermal interlining. This gives it insulating properties which help to reduce heat loss from a window and therefore also helps to conserve energy.

All of our curtains are made in the UK by our skilled seamstresses, who have over a decade’s worth of experience in manufacturing made to measure furnishings. Before any of our curtains leave our warehouse, they are tested against a thorough quality control check, meaning we can guarantee you window furnishings of only the finest quality.

We also provide free child safety devices with all our products, ensuring that all cords are set at the industry standard lengths to comply with all child safety laws.

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Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet Curtains
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