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Door Blinds

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Door blinds can sometimes be practically over design, there may be instances where the blinds you like aren’t suitable for your door style, however we have options that can help here. Perfect fit blinds are suitable for almost any door, whether they are bifold, open into the room or out. Perfect fit blinds are installed onto the window itself so you are able to open and close the door as your please without the worry of damaging the blind. Inside a perfect fit frame you have the option to install pleated blinds, roller blinds, metal venetian blinds or wooden blinds. When choosing blinds for large doors you may consider a vertical blind as they can cover a large area of glass without being too intrusive. Motorised roller or vision blinds are becoming more popular with large doors, they can be mains powered or even rechargeable giving you the option to add it to a home hub and control from your mobile phone, setting timers and controlling the blinds when you away on holiday or late home from work. Allusion is a new style of blind that works well over doors, the soft flowing fabric gives the feeling or a curtain but it had the added bonus of allowing you to keep the window covered and move seamlessly through the fabric without causing and damage to the blind. Panel blinds have been a long favourite for door blinds, giving you the option to slide them into a stack position, many of our customer choose alternative fabrics on each panel using the panels as a design feature.

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Door Blinds

Door Blinds
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