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Curtain Tracks

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Curtain tracks have a extensive range of uses and are extremely flexible to suit different applications whether you are looking for a straight or curved window

We stock a simple slimline aluminium curtain tracks which can be bent on site by our experience fitters. These tracks can be made top or face fix depending on the space you have available. This track only comes in white, which matches most ceilings and surrounds, give a seamless and concealed finish.

Curtain tracks are best suited for a window or opening which doesn't have a large amount of space for a pole or tracked pole. It provides a slimline solution which can hold medium to heavy weight curtains.

All types of curtain headers apart from eyelet can be used on a curtain track. These include pinch pleat, pencil pleat and wave giving you ample choice. If you decide to go for a wave header we will need to supply you with a certain type of track which can be used to accommodate that style of runner. If this is intended for a curved or shaped application we will point you in the direct of either a tracked metal curtain pole or specialist Silent Gliss track which is special made for a wave header on a shaped track.

As standard we will always install curtain poles, then on a second visit to hang and dress the curtains. We find this best practice to make sure we have the correct drop.

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Curtain Tracks

Curtain Tracks
Product isn't rated yet.
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