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Blind Repairs

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For commercial properties that require the repair of blinds, our services can offer you a range of different options, from refurbishment to repair and replacement. In order to match the needs of commercial properties and the wide variety of different tastes, styles and fabrics available, Complete Blind Service aims to provide a bespoke repair service that fulfils all your blinds needs.

For blinds that are in need of urgent repair, we can offer a professional, high-quality repair service, leaving you with blinds that look brand new as soon as possible.One of our fully trained fitters can service all components. We can organised our fitters for a complete walk through and replace broken components with new, for example existing Vertical blinds or roller blinds with worn out cords or to refresh weights and chain on existing blinds.

We can organise for existing roller blinds to be replaced on to new barrel and hardware, using the existing fabric we can replace in the inside mechanisms to make new of a tired blind. Wooden blinds sometimes get tangled and over years of use can become tired, at our factory in Walthamstow we can re-string and re-cord Wooden and Metal Venetian blinds back to full working order.

If you're considering replacing the blinds within your commercial property, our wide range of styles and colours offer something for everyone, whether you're looking to evoke a specific style, create a clean look or simply provide the first level of furnishing to spark the imagination of those who will continue with decoration.

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Blind Repairs

Blind Repairs
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