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Bathroom Blinds

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There are many different options available for bathroom blinds, whether you are looking for a privacy or just a simple window dressing we have a wide range of choices available to help you decide.

Bathroom windows sometimes can have limited options for fabric dependant on where the flow of water is, if for instance you have a small wet room where the shower head is in direct contact with the window, we would always recommend a PVC roller or venetian blind. This style of blind is fully waterproof and easy to wipe down if there is a build up on condensation or steam.

Using a PVC material will illuminate any chance for damp or mould to grow and a few of our fabrics have been treated with Ultra-Fresh* which protects against the growth of odour causing bacteria and fungi, preserving fabric freshness.

If you have a larger bathroom with good ventilation, PVC is not always required. We have a wide range of moisture resistant prints for bathrooms which are perfect to add a character into your home. Metal Venetian blinds work well in a shower or bathroom, tilt the blades to give you correct amount of privacy and light is super helpful when it comes to overlooked or even lightly frosted windows.

For larger windows that are front facing you could consider PVC shutters. In keeping with the front elevation if you have shutters on other windows, PVC shutters can match in colour and style to other shutters throughout the house.

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Bathroom Blinds

Bathroom Blinds
Product isn't rated yet.
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